About Us

Executive network Vadovų Klubas is the leadership forum and continuous learning platform for senior executives and business owners. The ultimate goal of Vadovų Klubas is to facilitate an effective information exchange among its members and thus support the growth of their businesses via continuous learning process. Learning is based on collaborative learning approach (peer-to-peer learning).

Established in 1998, today Vadovų Klubas unites over 400 members. Over 40% of the network members are CEOs of the Top 300 Lithuanian companies (according to major business daily Verslo žinios). Based on 2011 data the total turnover of the companies represented in Vadovų Klubas amounts to 37% of Lithuania’s GDP.

Currently Vadovų Klubas consists of 24 groups (the Clubs). The groups are organized according to the professional aspirations and interests of the members and include groups for CEOs & Business Owners, groups for Professionals (CFOs, COOs, HR directors, etc.) as well as Universum Clubs devoted to those who are seeking better understand themselves as leaders and as individuals and to enrich their knowledge of economy, financial markets and world’s cultures.

Vadovų Klubas runs around 200 meetings per year. The sessions are moderated by prominent speakers such as Mr. Aleksandras Abišala, scientist and former Prime Minister of Lithuania, Mr. Romas Švedas, former diplomat and Vice-Minister of Energy of Lithuania, Mr. Rimantas Rudzkis, professor, well recognized economist, currently the advisor to the Government of Lithuania, Mr. Valdemaras Katkus, an independent banking expert, former diplomat, signatory of the Republic of Lithuania Supreme Council of the Act on the Restoration of Independence of Lithuania, Mr. Hubertas Petružis, an independent expert, one of the pioneers of LEAN methodology in Lithuania and other distinguished individuals.

Vadovų Klubas activities are coordinated by the Training Center of Lithuanian Industrialists’ Confederation.